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AVRT6 - Technical Documentation

** Current Firmware, 07/19/2015, Now Posted **

    I recently purchased a AVRT6 to increase the functionality of my APRS setup in my truck.  Back in 2007 when i researching what radio i wanted to put in my truck my options were limited if i wanted APRS and a remote face.  I ultimately went with the Yaesu 7800r and the Tiny Trak 3.  In an effort to increase the functionality of my APRS setup with messaging and not purchasing a laptop setup i decided upon the Chinese AVRT6.  Upon receiving the unit in just a few days i realized that the documentation for the unit was lacking.  This page is an improvement of their documentation and the addition of what i have learned.

    This page is my attempt to improve the documentation re-write the manual in an understandable sense.  I'll try to keep this as short and readable as possible.  At the bottom of this page i have several files that are related to this effort, including my re-written English manual. Here we go...

    I ordered the AVRT6 from as they seemed to be the only reliable source for the unit.  Ebay and Alibaba are all just to shady for me to drop $130.  I had a few pre-sales questions and they were answered thoroughly and relatively quickly.  I'm guessing the time difference between me and China had a lot to do with that.  I ordered the unit on a Monday morning and received it Friday afternoon.  Awesome given that i ordered something from American Radio Supply that same day and didn't get it for almost 3 weeks. 

    This YouTube video is the only real source of info i have found to date, it is not mine, KJ4YZI created this.




Let's get started!

Features of the AVRT6:


Unboxing, parts, what is what?

GSM Mobile IGate, M2M 2G Service

Hooking it all up

Software Configuration

APRSdroid Bluetooth Config

Verify your packets!





Support Issue

I had some initial issues with my unit, it was transmitting every 8 seconds when i was between my low rate and high rate.  It turns out the developer thought that transmit time+speed/slope speed was the correct way to calculate transmit time.  This meant when i had my max rate at 65mph and 65 seconds if i was below that i was transmitting every 8 seconds.  Yea that logic doesn't work... after about a month of emails back and forth between me, radioddity and the developer i was able to convince them of the proper way the timing should work.  Now all of the firmwares seem to have that worked out.  It was a painful process to go through but in the end he realized his error and now has it correct.  While it was painful to go through he was willing to work with me to get it correct.