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DMR Contacts


*** No Longer Active ***

RadioID now has a contact list generator on thier site that will create the list you need with the format for your radio, it's really pretty slick.  Check it out.

Below is a list of DMR contact lists that i generate nightly from  I have reduced the number of contacts down to states and groups of states.  This reduces the overall number of contacts in the radio thus improving the seek time when contacts are recieved.  All of the files are formatted for the TYT Contacts.csv format.  If there is a specific set you want please let me know.  All files are updated nightly at 03:31 MST.


File Region
Earth.csv   World
NorthAmerica.csv  North America
Canada.csv   Canada
Colorado.csv  Colorado
USA.csv United States


If you would like any custom files added, use the contact form in the menu above to request them.