Better Amateur Radio Through Technology


Information around the web useful for HAMS both old and new...


  • CARBBN - Colorado Amateur Radio Broadband Network, ham radio mesh networking.
  • Colorado Ready - HAM Radio and Self Reliance. 

HAM News Feeds

  •     Ham Nation - a great resource of pod casts on current events and ham gear
  •     ARRL News - news straight from the ARRL
  •     Reddit - Reddit sub-reddit for ham radio

Basic Information

  •     Wikipedia HAM Page - an article on the history of Amateur Radio
  •     HAM Study - a great free resource for studying to upgrade your license, please consider a donation if you find it useful

Frequeny Plans


  • - good source of information on APRS and initiatives
  • - real time tracking and reporting
  • - real time tracking, cgi's and reporting
  •     Direwolf - The software used to run an IGate or Digipeater and the software i use